Behind the scenes first look at Seawolf Audio’s next project!

Stay tuned for the exciting reveal later today.

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Shoot me a message, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Proper routine care and maintenance are often overlooked when it comes to guitars. But this regular TLC is crucial in maintaining your guitar’s tone, playability, and function, and can help avoid bigger issues down the road. Having a proper and regular pro setup can make a huge difference in prolonging the life and value of your instrument, as well as inspire you to play and get maximum enjoyment from it. If you find your guitar missing some of its mojo, lacking some sparkle, or just becoming more difficult to play, a proper setup may be the solution. Many intonation and tuning stability issues can be fixed through a simple setup as well.

Even brand new instruments should have a proper setup. Although they’re set up at the factory, all the hardware, screws, joints are all new and need time to settle in to become “one” with the instrument. Factor in that your guitar may have been made in a warm, humid climate and shipped to a store where it’s cold and dry. These temperature and humidity changes will require the instrument to be adjusted again for optimal performance in its new environment.

Behind the scenes first look at Seawolf Audio’s next project!
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