Pricing for Pedal Repairs and Mods

  • $25/hour billed in half hour increments, minimum of one hour.
  • Most modifications or repairs will take 1-2 hours.
For repairs, after initial diagnostics are complete, I will give a more accurate estimate and wait for confirmation before moving forward with the work.
* Cost of parts is not included with labor.

Guitar Electronics

Pickup Installation

  • $20 for 1 pickup
  • $35 for 2 pickups
  • $45 for 3 pickups
  • Pickup selector switch – $25
  • Install/replace jack – $12
  • Install/replace pot – $12 (Add $5 for push/pull or push/push pots)
Discount for multiple pots
* Discounts given for multiple items of work, ask for a quote.

Guitar Maintenance

Re-String and Tune

(Does not include cost of strings)

  • 6 string electric or acoustic guitar/4 string bass – $10
  • 12 string electric or acoustic – $20

Basic Guitar Setup

Includes re-string, neck adjustment, intonation, set action to player’s preference, fretboard cleaning and conditioning, fret polish, hardware adjustment, set string radius, cleaning of electronic components using de-oxit electronic cleaner and conditioner, and full instrument cleaning and polishing. Price does not include strings or any other necessary parts.
  • Electric Guitar or Bass- $35 ($45 w/ locking tremolo system)
  • Acoustic Guitar or Bass – $25
* Add $10 for 12 string instruments
Service for other stringed instruments available if requested.
Ask for discounted quote for multiple instruments.
* Free Estimates
* Prices are for labor only and do not include the cost of parts.